Weekend at PJ’s

Tyler and Milo get into a roommate fight after Tyler oversteps his bounds. Amy’s father does his best to replace Neal with a more accomplished man. Gibbs searches for a woman who caught his eye at a wedding. And a little bit of moonshine leads to another marriage, much to everyone’s surprise.

Kevin played Darryl, a hard rock-loving, chicken wing-eating moonshiner who ends up sitting next to Milo (Danny Masterson) at a wedding reception and changes the course of Milo’s evening in a big way.

(Source: kevincorrigan.net)

After a few glasses of moonshine, the scene at P.J.’s wedding starts to get a little whacky. (via Professional Wrestler)


Bridge - Written and Directed by Charlyne YI

I can see you didn’t bring your bowling shoes. That’s gonna be a problem if you intend to break a hundred.


What about Bob?

Dining with Steve Buscemi - EP 6

Join Steve Buscemi, Debbie Harry, Kevin Corrigan and Vampire Weekend for a surreal Easter dinner.


Patrick Jane and Robert Kirkland - Red John’s Line - The Mentalist 5x19 


Jane’s obviously messing with Kirkland. It’s all so delicious.